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Home Renovations, Remodeling & Interior Design

We believe that a space is perfect - not when there's nothing more you can add to it, but when there's nothing more you could take away from it while maintaining it's most important qualities. To avoid much of our budget being wasted on unnecessary complexity, our design language strives for simplicity of construction, meaning simple floor plans, simple house design which allows us to aim our architectural design efforts to where it counts most. We sculpt the perfect space using light, composition, color and texture as well as custom made furniture pieces.

In today's ecosystem of ever rising home building costs, we are very aware of the need to cut the cost of construction. As such, we strive to achieve maximal architectural impact for any given budget. A modern house design should extract as much use use as possible from minimal floor space. TLVDB's creative interior design solutions make every inch count. Our modern home design and creative interior renovations can transform a previously small house design or any space within it into a creative and exciting space that's a joy to live and spend time in while giving you the most bang for your buck.

Put your old home in our hands and witness the transformative magic of beautiful modern interior design, renovations and remodeling. 

Our home renovations and home remodeling services in Golden BC include bathroom remodeling, bathroom renovation, Kitchen remodeling, kitchen renovations, Living room design, living room décor, bedroom design, bedroom décor, home office design, home office décor and  home décor 

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