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3D Render Artist - Part time (50%) in Golden, BC


Work from anywhere in the world, make your own schedule.


TLVDB is looking for a 3D visualization artist to join the team. You will (learn to...) construct detailed digital models of buildings and environments to create beautiful images of unbuilt architecture, using Sketchup, Blender, AutoCAD, Revit, Photoshop and Lumion.


Required skills:


  • First and foremost you need to possess a basic knowledge of SketchUp. Since this is our most commonly used tool, you'll need to showcase minimal control of the program, a base on which we will build and hone your skills as a 3d artist.


  • An eye for composition. Just like Photography, but in the virtual world. You'll need to be able to present you creations in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible, emphasizing specific strengths and elements of the design and inspiring our clients.


  • Ability to lean quickly. In our line of work there are constantly new tools, techniques and programs to make the workflow more efficient, meaning we are in a constant process of learning and honing our craft.


  • Sense for design. You are the link between a client's imagination and the outcome in the real world. Your work is not just a final image of unbuilt architecture, it is the tool which we use to inform the whole design process. As such, projects will have many iterations and be in a constant state of evolution all the way up to construction.


  • Organized. Some projects might be dormant for years, but we still have to be able to access them easily and effectively, to share them with other members of our team and for other people to be able to work on them. This means the 3d files themselves have to be constructed correctly, with patience and logic, to make them as workable and as light as possible.


There is an overwhelming amount of skills necessary to be a good 3d visual artist. We understand not many people have control and experience with so many different tools. We will develop and hone your skills along the way. What we're looking for are these core attributes: Intrinsically motivated, able to focus, high learnability, accountability with the ability to work efficiently and respect deadlines as well as managing multiple projects simultaneously.


The aim is for you to (eventually) be independent, working from anywhere you wish and being in charge of your own schedule.


Send your CV to (subject: Part time position). Bonus points If you have experience in 3d modeling and can send us your portfolio (pdf up to 5MB).

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