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Golden BC Home Builders

TLVDB designs and builds custom modern mountain homes in Golden and the Canadian Rockies. As modern home builders our process includes fully detailed 3d models of every design in order to inform the design process as well as help cost it along the way and make sure every detail is accounted for before ever setting foot on site. From a simple house plan to a total home remodeling makeover, we will produce beautiful images of unbuilt architecture to develop and refine the perfect vision for your home. More than a design tool, our 3d renderings of the complete vision allows us to produce and examine countless design variations in a stage where the financial stakes are non-existing, so our clients can be involved in the design process and be confident they are completely in love with the results before ever diving into the financial implications and commitment of construction. 

Building or Remodeling your home with TLVDB

At the beginning of our journey together we usually meet over a coffee and get to know our clients. Sometimes our clients have a very defined vision to start off with, and other times they simply tell us about themselves, the project parameters, their budget and favorite styles they might like as precedents for design ideas (our Instagram account is a great place to scroll through for references).  We may create a few sketches together on the spot and ponder over some ideas, this is our chance to get a sense of our client's likes and dislike and the basis on which we will construct our proposals. It's also a chance for our clients to get to know us and to make sure they want to go on this journey together. For the next several months we will be in frequent contact as we develop and refine a final design plan. During this phase, we use 3d architectural visualization images as well as cad drawings and 3d model tours in order to keep our clients as involved as they would like in the design process, this way by the time we have our final design our clients can be sure they are in love with the results.

After the house building or home remodeling plans are refined using detailed 3d architectural rendering, and once our clients are happy with their custom house plans and the interior design visualization, depending on the nature of the job we collaborate with other Golden home builders, general contractors, concrete contractors, electrical contractors, HVAC contractors, custom kitchen contractors, roofers and even house painters to formulate a construction plan, budget and timeline. At this point we turn our refined conceptual design into working documents that home builders and many different kinds of contractors in Golden and BC can use in order to start building and bring our vision from paper to reality. Our 3d home design approach helps us make sure that our home building plans and interior design drawings are perfectly detailed before ever setting foot on site.  

Our role doesn't end once the home plans, renovation drawings or remodeling visualizations are handed to the builder, though. Our service starts with that first conversation over coffee in which we discussed our vision and provided consultation and professional design recommendations, and only ends after we call the cleaning company and hand you the keys. Even then we guarantee 2 years of warranty on our work. Along the way we deal with everything that comes up, so that you don't have to. We offer one unified flow of work from start to finish and will accompany you in every step of the way, from acquiring the right licenses and permits to handling all communications with contractors and making sure the project is on time and on budget. ​Being building science geeks while also standing behind the quality of our work makes us design responsibly, while at the same time being invested in the design makes us strive for the highest level of craftsmanship and execution. We make sure to collaborate only with the best contractors and home builders in Golden and British Columbia, all while performing regular site visits and quality checks.


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