Gili Keselman

Architect, founder of TLVDB

Photo by Eva Capozzola 

Gili has been designing professionally since 2014 when he graduated with his degree from the faculty of Architecture & Town Planning at the Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology.


He started his architecture career working for some of Israel’s most well known and respected firms, from Knafo-Klimor Architects, an award winning firm dedicated to the development of sustainable architecture and pioneering a humanistic approach in design, to Bar-Orian Architects, specializing in Urban Renewal of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, restoring and integrating old historical buildings with new construction to fuse together a multi layered urban environment that is the backbone of Israeli Metropolitan core.


“Working in the unique and vibrant design culture of Tel Aviv has influenced my style, aesthetics and work ethic.  My love for the mountains brought me here, to a beautiful ski town nestled between spectacular snowy peaks and gushing rivers where I love spending time adventuring in the mountains. Here is where I wish to combine my love for mountain culture and its unique aesthetic, with the eclectic, modern and joyful influence of Tel Aviv.”

In 2017 Gili moved from Israel to Canada to pursue his passion for mountaineering and combine it with his love for design. He has been working remotely for Architecture firms in Israel, specializing in the design and creation of Architectural renderings for concepts spanning from residential and commercial spaces to grand scale city planning. After getting Canadian Permanent Residency in 2019 Gili is now establishing his dream design company in Golden, BC. Below is a gallery showcasing some of his work.